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  • Women wearing 1950s Sewing Pattern: Oriental Wraparound Bathrobe, Dressing Gown, Kimono -
  • Woman wearing ankle length kimono style robe, in teal.
  • Woman wearing short kimono style robe, in red with a small floral pattern.
  • Line drawing of all pattern pieces included in "1950s Pattern, Wraparound Kimono Style Dressing Gown"
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      Dawn & Gill
        Sewing Instructions are in English

        50s Wraparound Vogue Chinese Robe Pattern

        Two styles for the price of one. Straight robe in three lengths may be worn with or without a tied belt or cummerbund. The extension band at the neck continues down fronts. Patch pocket optional. Wide, straight sleeves set into dropped shoulder armholes. Beautiful, classically designed robe.

        Offered here as Digital Download (how to print and assemble). This pattern is also available as a Paper Pattern.

        Size Guide

        Size: Medium
        Bust: 34” – 36” (86.4cm – 91.5cm)

        Sewing Notions

        Matching thread, matching ribbon seam binding, hooks and eyes.

        Fabric Amount Guide

        YARDAGE: No allowance for matching plaid or stripes.
        35” With* or Without Nap|, 5 ¼ yds.
        39” With* or Without Nap|, 5 yds.
        54” With* or Without Nap|, 3 ½ yds.
        35” With* or Without Nap|, 4 ¼ yds.
        39” With* or Without Nap|, 4 1/3 yds.
        35” With* or Without Nap|, 1 yd.
        39” With* or Without Nap|, 1 yd.
        39”, 4 1/8 yds.
        3/8 yd. of featherboning
        LENGTH of View A at centre-back from natural neck-line, 58 ½” (148.6cm)
        LENGTH of View B at centre-back from natural neck-line, 46”(116.9cm)
        LENGTH of View C at centre-back from natural neck-line, 34”(86.4cm)
        WIDTH at lower edge of View A in medium size is 59” (about 1 5/8 yds.)
        2” Hem allowed

        *With nap, pile or one-way design.
        | Without nap or pile or with a two-way design.

        Imperial to Metric Conversion Guide

        Yards to Centimeter

        Imperial Metric
        ⅛ yard   11.4cm
        ¼ yard   22.9cm
        ⅓ yard  30.5cm
        ⅜ yard  34.3cm
        ½ yard  45.7cm
        ⅝ yard   57.2cm
        ⅔ yard   61cm
        ¾ yard   68.6cm
        1 yard   91.4cm
        1¼ yard   114.3cm
        1½ yard   137.2cm
        1¾ yard   160cm
        2 yards   182.9cm
        2¼ yards   205.7cm
        2½ yards   228.6cm
        2¾ yards   251.5cm
        3 yards   274.3cm
        3½ yards   320cm
         4 yards  365.8cm

         Inches to Millimeters/Centimeter

        Imperial Metric
        ⅛" 3mm
         ¼" 6mm
         ⅓" 8mm
         ⅜" 10mm 
         ½" 12mm
         ⅝" 16mm
         ⅔" 17mm
         ¾" 19mm
         1" 2.5cm 
         1¼" 3.2cm 
         1½" 3.8cm 
         1¾" 4.4cm 
         2" 5.1cm 
         2¼" 5.7cm 
         2½" 6.4cm 
         2¾" 7.0cm 
         3" 7.6cm 
         3¼" 8.25cm
         3½" 8.9cm
         4" 10.2cm 
         4½" 11.4cm
         5" 12.7cm
         5½" 14cm 
         6" 15.2cm 
         7" 17.8cm 
         8" 20.3cm 
         9" 22.9cm 
         10" 25.4cm 
         11" 28cm 
         12" 30.5cm 

        Roll Width (Inches to Centimeters)

        Imperial Centimeters
        35"  88.9cm 
        36" 91.44cm 
        38" 96.52cm 
        39" 99.06cm 
        42"   106.68cm
        48" 121.92cm 
        54"  137.16cm

        Seam Allowances

        Imperial Metric
        ¼" 6mm
        ⅜" 10mm
         ½" 12mm
         ⅝" 16mm
         ¾" 19mm

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