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Vintage 1950s Coats & Jackets Patterns

1950s Coat & Jacket Sewing Patterns 

Coats and jackets had a very different feel in the 50s, and the reason is that the 50s was such a perfect decade for woman’s figures, the dresses, the skirts, jackets, the coats – all of it designed to accentuate a woman’s curves rather than hide them. Daytime jackets fulfilled a more practical function, while fitted jackets were matched with skirt suits, and evening jackets were often short, to the waist, with short 3 quarter length sleeves. There were plenty of choices now, and coats and jackets came either semi-fitted, full with a swing or well fitted. The Princess Coat was famous then and still is now as a prized vintage garment. There was also the pyramid shaped coats and the swing coat, and last but not least the Bell coat. Full length coats were either wide with a swing or came with a snug fit at the waist with full skirt. Jackets on the other hand had a place in a woman’s wardrobe even if the full or half coat was the more fashionable garment. Women’s vintage jackets in the 1950s fulfilled a more practical need for inclement weather during the winter months, but they could be stylish too!

Our 1950's vintage Evening Dress pattern collection is available in sizes ranging from XXS – XXL. We offer either the original pattern, a high-quality true to scale 1950s sewing pattern reproduction or an easy PDF sewing pattern to download at home. 

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