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Vintage 1960s Jumpsuits, Pants & Culottes Patterns

1960s Jumpsuit & Pants Sewing Patterns 

1960s Fashion Pants  what’s old is new. Many of these 1960s fashions are worn today. Capri pants are popular again, bell bottoms never went out of fashion and hippie clothes are a 1960s fashion must have. In the first few years of the 1960s fashions and mores were conservative. Women still primarily wore dresses. Casual clothes were reserved for casual occasions. 1964 brings a music revolution from England and with it is possibly the biggest and most sudden fashion revolution in history. Capri pants were also called pedal pushers but this term seemed to work its way out of the fashion vocabulary by the mid 1960’s. Culottes, divided skirts and trim trouser skirts were introduced for travel, street wear and evenings at home. Skirts got a little bit shorter in 1960. While worn with low-heeled shoes it placed more attention on the leg. Collarless coats, suits and dresses created a long-necked effect. Some dresses had draped cowl backs to intensify the elongated look.  Also popular in the decade were Jax pants, stirrup pants, bell bottoms & pantsuits were also in vogue.

Our 1960's vintage Pants & Jumpsuit pattern collection is available in sizes ranging from XXS – XXL. We offer either the original pattern, a high-quality true to scale 1960s sewing pattern reproduction or an easy PDF sewing pattern to download at home.