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Vintage 1950s Lounge-wear & Housecoat Patterns

1950s Lounge-wear & Housecoat Patterns

1950s Vintage Le Roy sewing pattern featured a full Length Nightdress or Pajamas with Optional Trouser Lengths. Also popular in this era were Peignoir (a woman’s light dressing gown or negligee). Robes and housecoats were still very prevalent in women’s homes, though many were shorter, and featured fuller skirts and nipped-in waists. A loose-fitting “trapeze” silhouette was also fashionable. However, in the 1950s a new category of lounge wear joined their ranks: the duster. Dusters were similar to short, mid-calf length robes. In accordance with the highly feminine cuts, these lounge wear garments were frequently made in feminine, floral prints and delicate, pastel colors. Despite the popularity of the full-skirted “New Look,” slacks and trousers were still worn as lounge wear in the 1950s. They were typically paired with some form of blouse, bodice, sweater, or jacket. However, trouser suits were generally considered appropriate only for lounging at home.

Our 1950's vintage Lounge-wear pattern collection is available in sizes ranging from XXS – XXL. We offer either the original pattern, a high-quality true to scale 1950s sewing pattern reproduction or an easy PDF sewing pattern to download at home. 

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