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Vintage Sewing Patterns PDF - Lounge-wear, House Dresses & Robes

Lounge-wear, House Dresses & Robes Patterns to Download 

Why not add a touch of vintage-inspired glamour to your wardrobe?  Whether it's summer, spring, autumn or winter, our collection offers the perfect loungewear, house dress or robe, dressing gown to create the elegance you deserve.  Whether you want to feel like a movie star or prefer practicality, or just something fun to wear; we offer the best of the best house dress and loungewear sewing patterns. The fabric you choose will ultimately depict your desired outcome. Choose silky and glamourous, draping and dramatic, sumptuous and opulent or simply fun to wear. What are you waiting for? Showcase your own unique sense of style in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. We offer a true to scale easy PDF sewing patterns to download at home.