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Vintage 1940s Lingerie Patterns

1940s Lingerie Sewing Patterns 

When women think of lingerie in the 1940s, what usually comes to mind is the glamorous, curvy, satin, and lace pin-up girls whose pictures filled the magazines popular with lonely soldiers overseas. Beautiful women posed provocatively in corsets, nightgowns, and swimsuits with a look that remains iconic today. The standard set of 1940’s lingerie when wearing a dress comprised a brassiere and pantie girdle, worn under a slip. Women in uniform were advised to limit their underwear to a simple pair of directoire knickers and a vest made from fine wool. With the make do and mend edict in full swing, women would often hand-knit their own. The new two-way stretch elastic fabrics were fashioned into snug-fitting, full-body girdles that smoothed every lump and bump. The ’30s full-body version of the girdle sewing pattern included a bra top that was attached to a very short skirt with elasticized straps with metal fasteners to attach to silk stockings. The period was also noted for the vavavoom bra pattern with its backless and strapless appearance and the bullet bra pattern designed by Frederic Mellinger. Many women cherished a good corselette if they had a slim figure. It helped a uniform sit better with easy fasteners for stockings. That being said, as many women wore trousers for large parts of the day, often doing heavy manual work, so less restrictive underwear was preferable.

Our 1940's vintage Lingerie pattern collection is available in sizes ranging from XXS – XXL. We offer either the original pattern, a high-quality true to scale 1940s sewing pattern reproduction or an easy PDF sewing pattern to download at home.

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