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Vintage 1950s Tops & Blouse Patterns

1950s Tops & Blouse Sewing Patterns 

Blouses and tops were worn with skirts, pants, and shorts. They were fitted to the waist but not tight. Sleeves came in long, short, cap sleeves, or sleeveless. The puffy sleeve of the 1940s blouse went out of fashion for a less fussy straight fitting sleeve, sometimes with a narrow cuff by the mid-1950s. Bows were a popular decoration as well as frilly lace and narrow pintuck pleating in the early years. Buttons were small and usually either plain white or had a pearl finish on fancier styles. Though Coco Chanel introduced her more comfortable, almost boxy, suit, relieved by a blouse with a pussycat bow, the long, slim look of a nipped-in waist and narrow skirt remained a popular silhouette. Women at home or at the beach wore short shorts with tucked-in blouses or shirts tied at the midriff. Halter tops for young women were popular in summer. Blouses in general were simple and timeless.  Also popular were the rolled sleeve, short sleeves, and kimono sleeves and soft collars as well as twin set cardigan sweaters.

Our 1950's vintage Tops & Blouse pattern collection is available in sizes ranging from XXS – XXL. We offer either the original pattern, a high-quality true to scale 1950s sewing pattern reproduction or an easy PDF sewing pattern to download at home. 

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