Our Recommended Partners

Recommended Partners

Yes we're a small independent business at heart, but that doesn't mean we don't think big. We partner with diverse businesses across the world where we believe these companies share our values and complement our business.

Vintage Pattern Sewing Company partners with fabric, haberdashery and sewing pattern companies and general inormation to help you along with your sewing journey. We  recommended the following:

Samantha Loves to Sew - If you have a fascination for vintage and historical fashion - how dresses were made and the lives of the women who wore them - then we have lots in common! I sew garments from true vintage patterns. And I collect vintage dresses and restore them to their former glory. I also collect vintage dressmaking techniques books and love to discover how people in the past stitched such wonderful details into their garments. The history of fashion and its practical application to history bounding - creating clothes for modern day life inspired by garments from the past - is something else that fascinates me. I upload every Friday and I would love you to subscribe to my channel and join me on my sewing adventures.

Foxglove and FieldFoxglove and Field pattern weights are individually handmade in the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds. Inspired by vintage sylko cotton reels.

AmoThreads - Start your sustainable journey today - make your projects out of deadstock fabric. Find great fabrics in small quantities.

Croftmill - Fabrics That Deliver. The Original Mail Order Fabric Company. Beautiful quality fabrics at affordable prices

Missy Mop Fabrics - Specialising in deadstock fabrics with an incredibly personal touch, Nicki hunts down the unusual and unique and does not purchase anything without seeing and touching it first. Beautiful fabrics in small quantities.

Vintage Dancer - Helping you dress up for a vintage themed event, shop for vintage inspired clothing and learn fashion history

The Heritage Milliner - All hats at The Heritage Milliner are hand made by Karen Back, they are bespoke and custom designs are encouraged.

The Frontline Co. - History, Healthcare & Scouting based clothing, gifts and accessories are right at your fingertips with even more to come... enjoy!

Hodders and Saunders Bespoke - Gaynor and her team, will help you to create the unique outfit of your dreams. Specialising in recreating tailored and vintage designs. This lady certainly has talent!

Oh... Really? - Sandra Lacroix perfectly combines vintage with the flamboyant creating hats and accesories like no other.