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Vintage Sewing Patterns PDF - Lingerie & Nightwear Patterns

Lingerie Patterns, Nightgowns, Brassieres, Knickers Patterns to Download 

Ooh la la! We are all indoors at the moment so whip up something special and allow your creativity to shine. Get the perfect fit. Be and feel irresistible. The 1930s lingerie, nightgowns, slips, underwear designs provided were more conservative and covered more of the body than the decades that followed. The lingerie style of the 1940s emphasized shape, and style and new fabric developments were used to enhance and control the more curvaceous figure. The 1950s and the increased visibility of studio starlets emphasized the hourglass figure as modelled by Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield et al. This look was moulded fitted bras, briefs, slips, petticoats, girdles, stockings, and garters. Bullet bras in the 1960s are still pointy as they were in the 40s but not as exaggerated. Of- course, an item frequently thought of as a 60’s lingerie staple is the Baby Doll nightie but was in fact around in the latter part of the 1950s. Our collection of vintage lingerie patterns, include the bullet bra, longline bra, bra sewing patterns, French knickers sewing pattern and the girdle, garter belt sewing patterns. Also included in the collection are pyjama pants PDF and a vintage corset pattern pdf.

Whether you are a classic, a rockabilly or a pinup. Visit our beautiful lingerie collection offering sizes, ranging from XXS to XXL including plus sizes. We offer a true to scale easy PDF sewing patterns to instantly download at home. Why not choose a printable bra patterns pdf for beginners or our ever popular nightgown sewing pattern PDF that can then be tailored to best suit your body shape, and that is stylish and individual as you are.