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  • Women wearing 1950s lingerie slips made from pattern Vogue 8790
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      Dawn & Gill

        50s Pretty Princess Slip

        Fabulous pinup style, slim or flared below the waistline slip. Princesse slip, slim or flared below the waistline. Camisole top. Flared or straight, the petticoat is finished with a narrow waistband. Buttoned closing at underarm. Fitted panties button at left side.

        Offered here as: Digital Download (how to print and assemble). This pattern is also available as a Paper Pattern.

        Size Guide

        Size: 20 (Vintage size)
        Bust: 38" (97cm)
        Hips: 41" (104cm)

        Sewing Notions

        Matching thread

        Fabric Amount Guide

        No allowance for matching plaid or stripes.
        VIEW A – ONE TONE
        35” Without Nap|, 3 ½ yds.
        39” Without Nap|, 2 ½ yds.
        39” Without Nap|, 2 ¼ yds.
        VIEW B – ONE TONE
        35” Without Nap|, 3 yds.
        39” Without Nap|, 2 ¾ yds.
        39” Without Nap|, 2 5/8 yds.
        VIEW C
        39” Without Nap|, 2 3/8 yds.
        VIEW D
        39” Without Nap|, 2 yds.
        35” Without Nap|, 1 ½ yds.
        39” Without Nap|, 1 3/8 yds.
        4” Lace Banding for Yoke A or B, 1 5/8 yds.
        1 ½” Lace Edging for A or D, 2 ¾ yds.
        1 ½” Lace Edging for B or C, 2 1/8 yds.
        1 ½” Lace Edging for Pantie, 2 3/8 yds.
        ½” Ribbon for Shoulder Straps, 1 5/8 yds.
        14” Zipper for Slip
        WIDTH at lower edge of View A or D in size 16 is 83 ½” (about 2 ¼ yds.).
        WIDTH at lower edge of View C or D in size 16 is 62 ½” (about 1 ¾ yds.).
        No Hem allowed.
        | Without nap or pile or with a two-way design.

        Some common imperial to metric fabric conversions:

        35" (89 cm) , 36" (91.5 cm), 39" (99.1 cm), 44"
        (111.8 cm), 45" (114.3 cm), 1 yd. (91.5 cm)

        1” (25.4 mm), 3/4” (19 mm), 3/8” (9.6 mm), 1/2” (12.7 mm), 1/4 “ (6.4 mm)

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