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Fabric Companies to Suit your Vintage Style & Pocket

Vintage 60's social gathering art 

Would you like to rock it in designer fabric at an affordable price?  Would you like to create something unique without every Tom, Dick or Harry wearing the same fabric? More importantly, would you like to make your contribution to helping save the planet and reduce unwanted waste?

Well, hey we sure did stumble across AmoThreads store for all of the right reasons. Pure elation, we had found our pot of pure gold! Now yes, we really do like your ethos and what you stand for, everything about deadstock fabric definitely appeals to us. AmoThreads have some really exciting fabrics at absolutely unbeatable prices, including designer fabrics, which made our eyes pop with joy! It was like a trolley dash in an Aladdin's Cave, heart thudding, temperature raising – and a receipt as long as your arm with that guilty feeling at the end of the check-out!

Are all of the fabrics listed on AmoThreads deadstock, and what does deadstock mean?

Yes, all of our fabrics are deadstock and this means, that they are end of line, weren't wanted anymore (it might not have been what the original client wanted or they simply ordered too much) or they are simply no longer in use! 

What was the reasoning behind AmoThreads?

After learning about the huge amount of waste in the fashion world, and speaking to designers who wanted to use deadstock (but couldn't get access to it), AmoThreads realised they needed to create something that connected the 2 together! With this in mind, AmoThreads was born in August 2019, Co-Founded by Ryan, Sara & Hugo (our adviser).


Their goal at AmoThreads is to help reduce the huge amount of fabric that is sat in warehouses waiting to go to waste. It's estimated that there is approx. USD $100BN of this fabric around the world... every year! 

To check AmoThreads out visit them here

Ms Carnivale wearing a bautiful pink blouse with billowing sleeves made from fabric from Amo Threads

"Vintage Sewing Pattern Company and AmoThreads have been an amazing support for me during lockdowns this year, I’ve never had so much time to sew! I was inspired by the character Eva in the show High Seas to make a voluminous blouse out of silk and AmoThreads had the perfect silk chiffon to use and Vintage Sewing Pattern Company had the perfect blouse pattern, with bonus overalls for later! The pattern sewed up super easily which made sewing with a more challenging fabric easier. I adore the lightness of this gorgeous silk and I just love the relaxed feel yet smartness of this pattern. I did change the sleeves (hey I can never just follow a pattern!) and I am super pleased with how this turned out, these guys are a match made in heaven for me!" @ms.Carnivale


Ms Carnivale wearing a blu silk coachman robe housecoat made using our graded pattern and fabric from Amo threads

Ms.Carnivale wearing blue silk dupoin from AmoThreads and Coachman Robe sewing pattern 

Our Own Personal Sewing Journey Featuring Amothreads

We found AmoThreads via Instagram and they grabbed our attention immediately, they had an ethos that was similar to our own, saving anything from landfill and putting it to good use is a definite plus. The fabrics are excellent quality and you never know what you are going to find.

We were drawn to a batch of gorgeous cotton lawn floral prints which were priced super reasonably, it was a difficult choice to make but we finally opted for a blue and white print which went onto out fabric stash eagerly awaiting the right project.

Then the second lockdown came to the UK and we wanted to make something that felt both mindful and ethical. We had just graded a 1930’s lounging pajamas sewing pattern into modern day sizing sizes, Small to Medium and Large to Extra large and having only 2 pieces we felt it was a project we could see through from beginning to end in the same day then relax in by an imaginary pool being served Harvey Wall bangers by a handsome waiter beside an imaginary pool. DREAM ON!

Beach Pajamas

It only took about 3 hours to make from cutting out to putting on. The pieces fit together easily and the bias edging wasn't difficult. The only thing we changed was the addition of bias binding to the hem as we felt once added the fabric lost its beautiful drape so off it came and a hem was first overlocked and then stitched by hand.

Meg wearing our 1930's blue floral lounging pajamas

A close up of Megan wearing 1930's lounging Jumpsuit

My beautiful colleague Megan Langford kindly modelling them for us.

We love how well the fabric worked.  

This pattern is available in both Printed and PDF Formats

Vintage Sweetheart 

Well worth a mention is the Vintage Sweetheart Store. It’s a small family business run by working mum, Emily. They juggle their fabric addiction around being a mum, wife, carer and animal-mum so work quite random hours!

They sell some lovely cotton poplins, lawns, metallics, vintage inspired.  They also stock remnants and quilting fabrics – something for everyone.Vintage sweethheart area

 lemon and white flowers on a black fabric coton fabric

Metalic and bright pink purple and blue large floral fabric

Croft Mill

Croft Mill are well worth a look, believe you me!  We especially chose Croft Mill to make-up some of our garments from their fabulous fine wools, velours, satins, poplins, cottons… the list is endless. We will be showcasing these soon in our next blog. All of Croft Mill fabrics are of very high quality and very reasonable prices that you just know will ooze sophistication and style. They are a class act to follow. Oh, and I must mention their customer service is second to none!

Croft Mill source from both local and inter­national designers and manuf­ac­turers to bring you amazing and unique stock. A lot of their fabric is manuf­ac­turing ends and sampling lengths. This comes from both the top end and high street designers so they have stock changes all the time. You will find something on their website one week, that may be gone the next.

The country of origin is diverse, Wool from the UK and Italy. Cotton trousering from Germany and Portugal. Dress fabric from the above plus France and Spain and of course, the Far East. Craft Fabric from Japan and Indonesia. Cotton dress fabric from Thailand. The list goes on.......We love Croft Mills Yaarkshire Wools and Bonny Lass , a lovely british wool tweed and not forgetting the new Catwalk party fabric- metallic camo design consisting of pink, purple, blue and black. To view click the link : Croft Mill

Here are some more fabric companies that we recommend that you check out. We would love you to share page, comment, especially if you too could recommend your favourite fabric store.

Selvedge and Bolts,    Flamingo Fabrics UK,  Dragonfly Fabrics


 Dawn and Gill image for Blog post

Dawn & Gill


Bought this easy to make pattern and it was complete in under 3 hours. Its so easy to make and I’m pleased to say the end result is stunning. The PDF download was my saving grace as I needed to make it up super fast. Beautiful patterns in your store.

Dorothy Henry

Great Blog!


This is all very interesting, as I always (most of the time), never really know where to find good fabrics. This is good information. I love your vintage patterns and I have ordered the loungewear that Meg is modelling in PDF.

Dorothy McCurley

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