Men's Vintage Trouser Sewing Patterns

Men's Vintage Trouser Sewing Patterns

1950s Men’s Pants Patterns

Here we take a look at one of our most popular vintage sewing patterns, men’s pants. In the 1950s, men's pants fashion underwent a transition from the wide-legged and high-waisted styles of the 1940s towards a more streamlined and fitted silhouette.

As can be see here, the Rise: Pants in the 1950s were typically high-waisted, sitting at or just above the natural waistline. This high-rise style was common for both casual and formal pants. Many pants featured pleats at the waistband, which created extra room and allowed for a more relaxed fit through the hips and thighs. Pleated pants were popular for both dressier and casual occasions. While pants in the 1940s were wide-legged, 1950s fashion introduced a slimmer and more tapered leg. Pants would gradually narrow towards the ankle, creating a more tailored and modern look. The tapered leg was particularly popular for dress pants and formal wear.

mens pants

Figure 1. 1950s Men's Trousers & Shorts

Cuffs (or as we say in the UK, turnups) were commonly seen on men's pants during this era. They added a touch of sophistication and weight to the bottom of the pants, enhancing the drape and structure. Cuffs were often around 1.5 to 2 inches in height. Wool and tweed were popular choices for formal and dress pants. For more casual occasions, cotton and corduroy were commonly used. These fabrics provided durability and comfort while maintaining a polished appearance. In the 1950s, men's pants came in a variety of solid colors such as charcoal gray, navy blue, brown, and black, which were versatile and suitable for various occasions. Plaid and houndstooth patterns were also popular choices for dress pants. As shown in the image above, men typically wore belts to cinch their pants at the waist.

two men wearing 1950s pants

Figure 2. 1950s Men's Casual Pants

Overall, the 1950s marked a shift towards a more tailored and refined look for men's pants. The high-waisted, pleated, and tapered leg styles created a sleeker silhouette, emphasizing a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Next we’ll be getting Groovy and take a look at men’s pants in the 1960s. Here's a taster:


two men in 50s pants

Figure 3. 1960s Men’s Pants

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Loved reading this! I have put my order in as I noticed that you have many sizes in the 1950s best seller and as I am a larger size guy i have finally found a sewing pattern that will fit my curves!! Thank again!

Jack Frostler

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