Meet the Sewoctober2023 Winners!

Meet the Sewoctober2023 Winners!

Sewoctober2023 winners by Vintage Sewing Pattern Company

The ‘sewoctober2023’ vintage sewing competition was held throughout October which involved twenty sewers participating from all over the world showcasing their unique talents. 

The first winner won 12 free PDF sewing patterns, a £50 fabric voucher from Croft Mill, 2nd won six and the third won three sewing patterns.

First Place: @madebysilverfox for his outstanding and humorous creation!

1950 Men's Beach Set -Shirt & Swim Shorts Sewing Pattern


Simplicity 2080; ©1957. In 1957, men's beach sets, typically consisted of a shirt and swim shorts.

They featured vibrant, often floral or nature-inspired prints. They were made of lightweight fabrics like cotton or rayon, designed to keep men comfortable in warm weather, varying from shorter trunks to mid-thigh length shorts. They were typically high-waisted and could be solid-coloured or patterned, complementing the style of the era.


'I made this outfit as an entry into Sew Gorgeous in Darwin, where 25+ sewists from around Australia made garments promoting Papulankutja Artists’ fabric. Darwin is much warmer in July than Melbourne, when the video was taken. 

As this was my first retro pattern, so I was a little nervous about how clear the instructions would be, but was very pleasantly surprised at how clear they actually were. The only alterations I needed to make was the pattern suggested terry towelling (to dry you off as you got out of the pool), but I went with some plane white cotton. The raglan shoulders were fantastic for the fabric, as could run the pattern from neck to cuff, without having to try to pattern match’.  

Second Place: @missariettita for her beautiful reel & impressive sewing skills

'Georgia' Dress, Coat or Robe Sewing Pattern

Simplicity 3761; ©1951. In 1947, Christian Dior introduced his "New Look," characterized by a fitted waist, full skirt, and accentuated bust. By 1951, this style had become immensely popular, so a dress from this time might embody the elegance and femininity of Dior's iconic silhouette. Hollywood had a significant influence on fashion during this era. Dresses could have been inspired by the glamorous styles worn by stars like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, with emphasis on sleek lines, elegance, and sophistication.


‘I found the Georgia dress pattern quite straightforward to make. It takes up a lot of space (to cut) and a lot of fabric, but it results in a luscious garment with plenty of swoosh! I think it would make for a beautiful swing coat too, very much like the pink one Mrs Maisel is wearing at the "we got the rabi" scene (if you're a die- hard Mrs Maisel fan, you'll know!), but without a belt... 

‘I made two changes to the pattern, first being that I added a lining and the second is that I added cuffs. For my robe, I wanted sleeves that would be long enough and I thought cuffs would make it look more luxurious! 

Other than that. I didn't make any alterations and the size was a perfect fit for me’. 

Third Place: @mushushi for her creative and unique design.

1940s Maternity Dress or Housecoat Sewing Pattern

Du-Barry 5867; ©1940’s

Hollywood stars like Ingrid Bergman and Joan Fontaine influenced maternity fashion. Their elegant yet practical maternity styles were emulated by many expectant mothers, promoting the idea that pregnancy could still be fashionable. Housecoats were a popular garment for pregnant women. These were loose-fitting, robe-like garments worn indoors, offering comfort and convenience while attending to household chores. Housecoats often featured button fronts or tie closures for easy wear and were made from comfortable fabrics.


‘I made the day dress version of Vintage Sewing Pattern Company 1940s Maternity Housecoat, Dressing Gown, Day Dress Pattern. The pattern is for a 34" bust. I printed the pdf pattern at 96% since I just needed it to be about one inch smaller through the bust for my pregnancy sizing, and that was the quickest way to achieve that effect. The pattern came together smoothly, and it seems like there will be lots of room for my belly to grow. I folded the front fullness into two large pleats before tying the belt, so there is a large amount of fabric hidden away without visually adding much bulk. I think this was an ingenious design choice to allow for a large amount of adjustment during pregnancy. It would also be great for extra-large holiday meals or a visit to the buffet’.

20 sewers participated in this competition:












@miss_birdy_ bird







DenetMartin (FB)



We had so much fun throughout this competition! Thank you to everybody who participated. 

We’re always open to your suggestions, so please get in touch if there are any blogs you would like to see!

Warmest Wishes

Dawn and Gill 







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