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History in the Making

The resurgence of home sewing is one of the many phenomena of the past year. For some it began by learning to make masks and scrubs, at a moment in time when the country needed them, an army of sewists answered the call and for others it is a mindful way of spending some time whilst isolated from the outside world.
For us on a personal level it all began back in our childhoods, taught by our mothers who made our clothing with love, leaving us with a comfortable nostalgic place to return to when life becomes difficult.
We adore the old styles however we soon realised that sizing has changed so very much over the decades it is no longer recognisable. Many of our sewing patterns date back to a time when rationing was in operation and people as a result were very thin, the rationaing did not stop at food, it extended to paper and to clothing which in turn changed the siloutte of clothing.
We have been asked many times in the past to re grade sewing patterns to fit modern day people and after a long hard think we decided to give it a try. We began with the Marilyn dress which has become our best seller. 

Marilyn dress
We went on to recreate more styles through the decades and from this grew a super sewing community who support one another through the process. During all 3 lockdowns sewists made videos of more complicated parts of the process to help beginners.
All of our lovely outfits have been made and modelled by their creators, from all over the world. As our patterns are available digitally they can be purchased and printed immediately, avoiding heavy postage and import duty which has been very well received.

girl in 1940s beach outfit

girl in 1940s beach outfit

1940s Beach Outfit available in sizes 8-18

girl in 1950s pencil skirt

 girl in 40s coordinates

 gile in 40s beach outfit

Our re-graded patterns fit people from a size 8-18 and the Marilyn Dress and Coachman Robe are availabe up to and including a size 22.

girl in gingham marilyn dress

Coachman robe

 girl in 1940s 2 piece dress

1940s 2-piece Dress size 8 -18
For those who like to collect true vintage you can also purchase the original sewing patterns.
We also have a large collection of men's vintage sewing patterns in our archive too, they are much harder to come by but still in great demand.
young man in 50s bermuda shorts

Its true what they say, if you wait long enough everything becomes modern again.


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Great read. Sewing has changed my life! I can focus while creating something unique. I have made the Marilyn dress and the beachwear and many more of your patterns as they are so easy to follow. Yes everything comes back round again! Thank you for offering these amazing patterns.

Angela Naisbitt

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