Our Recommended Partners

Recommended Partners

Yes we're a small independent business at heart, but that doesn't mean we don't think big. We partner with diverse businesses across the world who we love, where we believe these companies share our values and complement our business.

Please note that these are not “affiliates” and that no remuneration for sharing these links has been received or will be received by yours truly.

At THE SEWING ROOM  we specialize in Apparel Sewing and Fashion. Our instructors have experience with garment fit, construction, design in both the fashion industry as well costuming.  We love to share our expertise with our students and believe that sewing is SUPER FUN! And it’s also a great skill that may save you money, challenge your brain and give you a terrific wardrobe.
We have weekly in-person sewing classes in our Northern California Studio, at every level from Beginner to Advanced. Additionally The Sewing Room owner, Jennifer Serr, offers retreats and intensives that specialize in both vintage sewing techniques and couture methods as well.*
Improve your sewing skills at SEWING CAMPS for Kids ,Teens & Adults
White heaired woman with blue trousers advertising sewing patterns and fabric from her website

Vintage Dancer - Helping you dress up for a vintage themed event, shop for vintage inspired clothing and learn about vintage dance and clothing, from 1920s to 1970s, and how to dress up and dance for different events. Find out how to get your partner to join you and even make your own dance shoes.

PatternToPaper - 25% CUSTOMER DISCOUNT when you buy from us and send your files to Pattern to Paper!

Prefer to buy our full-size Printshop A0 patterns instead of A4/letter to keep shipping costs low? Look no further: based in the UK, Sandra, Dave and Mike will print your PDF sewing patterns onto their special sewing pattern paper and deliver them to you quickly and economically. Their paper is lightweight (22GSM), strong and translucent, making it easy to align with the features of your fabric.  The paper is up to 42 inches wide and can be cut to any length. for more information contact them via email at patterntopaper@gmail.com*

boudoirfrancais - Would you like to start sewing lingerie? Discover sewing training and tutorials to learn to sew at home. Online courses to learn sew your lingerie easily.

www.allanacostume.co.uk I offer a bespoke service to design and create costumes for the stage, screen, museums or historical re-enactment. I also have experience as a dressmaker in creating alternative bridal wear, reflecting historical elements or including a theme to create a truly unique wedding dress. I also offer fully hand-made garments with a high level of historical accuracy to ensure a creation as close to the original garments as possible. Perfect for those who enjoy re-enactment or museums who wish to bring elements of our past to life.*

Wonder Woman Cosplay

Bristol Sewing School - Have you always fancied designing clothes or patterned fabric? During these workshops our highly experienced professionals will provide you with the tools to enable you to continue designing in your spare time, or you may wish to use as a taster before deciding whether to embark on a career in this area.*

http://www.foxesperiodcostumes.com/blog/ At Foxes Period Costumes, we cater to the discriminating eye and feature natural fibers and bespoke 21st century interpretations of historic designs - we make period clothing, not "costumes." From Tudor and Elizabethan fashions to the 1970s, we create fashionable attire with a focus on vintage and antique knitting and crocheting with corresponding clothing – think period appropriate capsule wardrobes.

Foxglove and FieldFoxglove and Field pattern weights are individually handmade in the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds. Inspired by vintage sylko cotton reels.

AmoThreads - Start your sustainable journey today - make your projects out of deadstock fabric. Find great fabrics in small quantities.

Croftmill - Fabrics That Deliver. The Original Mail Order Fabric Company. Beautiful quality fabrics at affordable prices

Missy Mop Fabrics - Specialising in deadstock fabrics with an incredibly personal touch, Nicki hunts down the unusual and unique and does not purchase anything without seeing and touching it first. Beautiful fabrics in small quantities.

The Heritage Milliner - All hats at The Heritage Milliner are hand made by Karen Back, they are bespoke and custom designs are encouraged.

Samantha Loves to Sew - If you have a fascination for vintage and historical fashion - how dresses were made and the lives of the women who wore them - then we have lots in common! I sew garments from true vintage patterns. And I collect vintage dresses and restore them to their former glory. I also collect vintage dressmaking techniques books and love to discover how people in the past stitched such wonderful details into their garments. The history of fashion and its practical application to history bounding - creating clothes for modern day life inspired by garments from the past - is something else that fascinates me. I upload every Friday and I would love you to subscribe to my channel and join me on my sewing adventures.